welcome to St. paul

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Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran Church & School in Roseburg, Oregon.

We are the people of God, young and old, rich and poor, who have been clothed with Christ and seek to love and serve Him. As Christians who have been clothed with Christ, we are the church and we seek to honor and glorify Christ wherever we go.  

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Letting go of what people think, perfectionism, comparison, and exhaustion, and cultivating authenticity, resilience, joy, and rest in Christ.

Join us for our upcoming sermon series, beginning April 23!  

financial freedom class

Do you feel at peace with your finances? Are you in debt? Are you saving money for the future and comfortable with your goals? If you need some help with this, you are not alone. This 5 week class will cover a lot of the same concepts as Dave Ramsey, except you will get it done in 5 sessions instead of 9, and instead of paying $93, this class is FREE.  

When: Begins April 30, 2017 (will not meet on Mother’s Day)

Where: St. Paul Lutheran Church  

Time: 12:15-1:15

Other: Childcare will be provided if needed.