Pastor andrew farhat

When I was 19 years old, I began to seek out the meaning of life. I wanted to know why I was here and what my purpose was. In January of 2000, I took a closer look at the Christian faith and I was amazed at what I discovered. No other faith claimed that God became a person, lived a sinless life, walked on water, laid down His life for humanity's sake, and rose from the dead. No other religious leader claimed to be God and backed it up as Jesus of Nazareth did. While hearing the word of God in a men's Bible study group, the Holy Spirit came upon me and changed me from a non-believer to a believer in Jesus Christ. Afterwards, I became passionate about the new life that Jesus gives and the hope and confidence I found in Him. 

In 2005, my wife, Daisy, and I sold our house and I left my job as an engineer in Bremerton, Washington, and we moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, where I entered the Master of Divinity program at Concordia Seminary. After three years of study and a one-year internship in Denver, Colorado, Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School called me to be its pastor. 

I moved to Roseburg with my wife and two daughters in August 2009. I am excited to share the Gospel with as many people as possible in Roseburg, Douglas County, and the ends of the earth, and I pray that you would partner with me in this endeavour.


St. Paul Lutheran Church believes that Elders who meet the biblical qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-8 shall govern the church. Governing means that the Elders are responsible for making decisions that set the direction of the church.

  • phil hu | chairman

    Phil is the Chairman of the Board of Elders.  He also serves as the general manager of Dave Hu Construction. 

  • pastor andrew farhat

    Pastor Andrew graduated from Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, in 2009, and has been serving as the pastor of St. Paul ever since.  Please contact Pastor Andrew if you or your family have any counseling needs.

  • Cory fitzsimmons

    Cory serves as an Elder and Discipleship Group Leader and he plays the drums in our Praise Band.  He works as an IT Specialist/Asset Manager for Physician eHealth Services.  

  • David weir

    David serves as an Elder and is a Lay Minister who preaches.  He is the General Manager of both Mobile Tune Auto Repair and Lora's In-Home Care in Downtown Roseburg.

staff & ministry leaders

  • valerie weckerle | Secretary

    Valerie  is an energetic and welcoming presence in the day-to-day functionings of our school and church.  Please call or email the church office if you have any questions: 541-673-7212.

  • Casey degroot | Childrens church director

    Casey is our school's 1st & 2nd grade teacher & she is thrilled to share the love of Jesus with children every day!  She was the 2013 South Wisconsin Elementary teacher of the year & she has 14 years of teaching experience in Lutheran education.

  • kristen schartz | nursery director

    Kristen oversees the Nursery for both services and has worked hard to make sure that children are safe and accounted for.  The Nursery was established so that parents can hear the Word of God during the worship service. 

  • ryan felker | MUSIC DIRECTOR

    Ryan is all-in when it comes to the music at St. Paul.  He loves worship and seeks to engage people's inner beings so that the people are engaged to worship the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  • Kevin Mathweg | Growth Group Director

    Kevin oversees our growth groups and teaches a growth group leadership class once a month.

  • Jerry Rorie | Confirmation Teacher

    Jerry Rorie has a passion for young kids knowing the Lord. Confirmation is for 5th-7th graders to have two years of Christian doctrine instruction and then publicly declare their faith.  See our Children & Youth page for more information.

  • Lynn mathweg | Care ministry

    Care Ministry is a team of believers who visit people who are homebound and in need of the love and care of Jesus.  To be a part of this ministry please contact Lynn.

  • taryn Stribling | website & newsletter

    Taryn keeps our church website up-to-date as well as producing our newsletter.

  • mike case | bookkeeper

    Mike manages the bookkeeping for both our school and our church.

  • Elaine warren | property manager

    Elaine oversees the property for our entire campus.  Our property ministry exists for maintenance and repair as well as setting the vision for future goals.  

  • david young | custodian

    David does a fantastic job keeping our church and school property clean and managing our grounds!